About us as travellers


Our growing adventure experience

The LBDphotos team has travelled widely for many years and, in the last 10, has become increasingly adventurous as we have sought out our interests in wildlife and spectacular scenery in areas with few tourists. We like to travel independently or in small groups which can complicate arrangements and add to the cost.

This started slowly with a trip in early spring to Yellowstone NP in a successful search for bears (Black and Grizzly) and wolves and to see the volcanic scenery. This was made possible by a great local guide we engaged directly and gave us a taste for this type of travel.

This was followed by a wildlife documentary experience in Botswana and Namibia which was a great success but this was due to some very lucky choices from a brochure. On this trip, we met a local Botswana travel agent and a great guide.

The next year we went to Iceland and northern Norway in early spring to see the auroras and explore the scenery. The local content was again booked with a local company due to lack of expertise in Australia.

Driving around a frozen Iceland was an experience to be remembered for life and the auroras were wonderful.

For the next year we were back chasing wildlife, this time walking on the ice on Northern Hudson Bay with polar bears as close as 10-15m. A once in a lifetime experience.

Then it was back to Africa for a trip organised by the Botswana travel agent we’d previously met who used his local knowledge to organise a great safari experience in Botswana and Zambia which was successfully planned to maximise the wildlife experience.

Chile, Argentina and Antarctica formed the next adventure. This time organised with our Australian travel agent and a wholesaler with pretty good South American knowledge. This was a great trip, however, a few of the recommended places we visited were OK but better things were available.

Our 2016 adventure was a month in Alaska, carefully timed to avoid the peak season crowds but see wildlife.  Organisation was done by our Australian travel agent and an Alaskan agent.  This was overall an amazing trip with great scenery, wildlife and experiences.  As always, somethings could have been skipped and other things added.

We should not overlook the great effort and support of our Australian travel agent who has organised the flights and some of the overseas tours and accommodation.

Adventure is not our only travel interest as we are both interested in science, museums and art with us both having scientific education and a long standing interest in art. We make some kiln-fused glass art and attend local astronomy and science lectures.