A sports photography class

I recently attended a sports photography class at PhotoAccess in Canberra.  The course was given by Tim Anger an experienced sports photographer.

After a morning on the theory, camera settings etc and the types of images that could be interesting, we went to a local rugby game.  I took a large number of photos as I experimented with the settings and capabilities of my newish Olympus OMD EM1 MkII.  Most of the photos were boring as I tried different things and because of the difficulty in taking interesting images at a sports game.  Particularly because I didn’t really understand the game.

Another tricky thing was that I was photographing in low angle winter light with strong shadows and potential for sun flare.


The above image was taken towards the end of a game before the senior East v West game started.  The later was won by West’s by a huge margin.


the players certainly had no qualms about getting close together
A try! slightly out of focus and looks far better in B&W than colour
Crunching tackle, ouch!
Off to the “sin bin”

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