Lions, Leopards and Volcanoes

This year’s travel saw us in Botswana, Zambia, South Africa and New Zealand.

We started our African adventure in the Kalahari Desert.  On our previous trip we did not have a clear sighting of a leopard.  On our first game drive the young female leopard below walked up to our vehicle and then climbed a nearby tree.


We saw African Wild Dogs on several occasions – usually lying around sleeping.


After the desert we travel into the Okavango Delta and went walking with a small group of rescued elephants.  These elephants work with tourists in the morning and spend the afternoon with the local wild elephants.


We then traveled north to the Linyanti River which forms the border with Angola.  In the marshes the sunsets could be very colourful.


Next it was to the Victoria Falls where we took the image below from a helicopter.


Then we flew into Zambia and the South Luangwa NP where the cute image of the baby hippo sleeping on an adult was taken.


 Lions were seen quite frequently in all the areas we visited.  Below is a collection of our favourite images.

Later in the year we visited active volcanic areas in New Zealand – in particular White Island with is sulphur pools and the volcanic area near Lake Taupo.


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