Botswana and Namibia Safari

After really enjoying seeing the wild animals in the US last year, this trip was our first to Africa and focused on animal viewing.

This was a type of trip that we had not done before and we were lucky in picking options that worked for us – small group (2-8), remote locations, lots of animals.

The trip started at Victoria Falls with a Landrover drive into Botswana.  We spent time in the northern border area and the Okavango Delta.  The first 10 days we were staying in temporary camps and later in permanent camps.

Elephants were a common sight.


In the Delta, we spent several days on mokoros (plastic replicas of traditional dugout boats) and water birds were plentiful, as were many water lilies.

Malachite Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher

We found these iridescent beetles were amazed at the colours.


Then by a number of small aircraft flights we arrived at Sossusvlei in Namibia to see the giant sand hills and the edge of the Namib Desert.


Our last stop was the Etosha NP.  This is where we saw the cheetah in the feature photo as we combined a game drive with our trip to the airfield to catch our flights home.  Later the cheetah killed an impala 30m in front of us – there was an unsuccessful high speed chase of a herd and while the cheetah was recovering a small group of impala walked up to within 10m of it.


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