Starting to get the hang of this retirement thing

This was a second trip to the US (with a side trip to Victoria Island in Canada) with an initial focus on museums and art galleries and then on National Parks.  The timing was organised to avoid holidays and to be at Yellowstone NP soon after it opened after winter.

We started in NYC with visits to the Museum of Natural History and art galleries.  Then by train to our friends in DC with a visit to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum annex at Dulles Airport.  This was followed by a short trip around Virginia and West Virginia before flying to Jackson and our private tour of the Grand Tetons and  Yellowstone NP.

Grand Tetons across the Snake River

Yellowstone was free of tourists having only been open a few days.  It was very cold with snow down to the roads which meant we got great viewing of the park’s animals which were near the roads.  This included a lot of black bears, 10 to 12 different wolves and a single grizzly bear.  We saw wolves hunting on a couple of occasions (unsuccessfully) and had a great time looking at the geysers, thermal pools and scenery.  This made us aware of how much we liked seeing animals in the wild.

Yellowstone Falls

Then we went south to southern Utah to visit Bryce Canyon which Elizabeth missed on the previous trip.  We walked to the bottom of the canyon and back up again.

Bryce Canyon

Then we had a pretty boring drive to Seattle.  We visited Victoria Island before heading down the west coast visiting national parks.

A highlight was Crater Lake in Oregon.  This is a volcanic caldera filled with clear water and surrounded by snow.  It was amazingly blue and bright in the sunlight, with great reflections.


We continued south visiting redwood forests before ending our holiday in LA.

This trip left us inspired with ideas for our next adventures.


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