Orchids, Birds, Monitors (Lizards) and Wallabies

Late Spring near Pambula NSW

This was a busy time for birds with many still present from earlier in the year and frequenting the bird bath.  Swallows were nesting under a verandah roof and directly above a doorway, as they have done for the last 5 years.

Tiger orchids, purple bearded orchids and common fringed lillies were in good numbers in a cleared section of our block.  They flowered for over 4 weeks in rapidly drying conditions.  This was the first year that we have seen the tiny lillies.

Tiger Orchid
Common Fringed Lily
Purple Bearded Orchid

The birds were now busy feeding their young and busily flying in the flowering bushes.  Common ones were the New Holland Honeyeater, Little Wattle Birds, Red-browed Finch and Splendid Blue Wren.  Some less frequently seen birds are in the photos below.

Cresent Honeyeater
Scarlet Honeyeater
White-breasted Pidgeons

Swamp wallabies were frequently around the house, including a very dark coloured lone (probably male) wallaby which proved impossible to photograph.  One morning there were two swamp wallabies siting in the sun in a hard to photograph position.  The photos were taken through a not very clean window and a mesh wire fence, and are testament to the focusing ability of the camera (Panasonic GX8).


A common sight in the last two years has been a small (1m) lace monitor living on the roof of the house and, presumably, surviving on careless birds and rodents.  This time for two days we also had a 2m lace monitor that liked to sit on its tail and cuddle a tree in the morning sun.  On the second day it did not even bother to move while we were nearby.

1m Lace Monitor
2m Lace Monitor (over half its length is in the tail)
Close up of the 2m Lace Monitor

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