More lessons from planning trips

Nothing is simple

We are currently planning a return trip to Iceland in August 2017.  This will be a summer trip and , we expect, completely different to the March trip we had 5 or 6 years ago.  The later was in very cold conditions with a blizzard to start, but amazing scenery and good aurora viewing.

For the upcoming trip we want to visit places we have not been before and do some activites that we have not previously experienced.  Of particular interest are the highlands, west coast, going into caves and a volcano magna chamber, and flight seeing which was not possible due to weather conditions on the earlier trip.

We contacted  5 or 6 local travel agencies describing what we had done before and what we wanted to do this time.  All but two replied with packaged trips that largely or completely duplicated what we had done before and said that was it from their point of view.

We worked with the two who came back with the basis of a workable trip and have been going through a number of iterations to refine the itinerary and keep the distances travelled on any day to a reasonable length, so we did not spend the whole day driving with little time for sight seeing etc.

Now we are down to a single agent, Saga Travel and expect to book with them before the end of the year.  Of course with recent political events in the EU and US, we are now facing some currency volatility.


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