About us as Photographers

LDBphotos is a trial site setup by two amateur photographers who are married and retired.  The images do not represent the work of either of us, we just choose the ones we like the most.

In early 2016 our equipment consists of:

  • Canon 70D DSLR
  • Canon 550D DSLR (Japanese equivalent)
  • Canon G15 (now retired as LCD easily affected by water)
  • Canon lenses – 70-300mm, 35-105mm, 17-85mm, 10-22mm and 40mm
  • Tamron 150-600mm lens
  • Colormunki monitor and printer calibrator.

The use of Canon is driven more by earlier decisions when starting in digital photography and the investment in lenses, rather than any commitment or preference for Canon.  The lenses are calibrated to the 70D using the AF micro-adjustment feature.

All images are taken in RAW and imported into Adobe Lightroom 6 (now CC) where they are converted into DNG and processed.  This processing includes the application of camera colour correction profiles prepared using X-Rite Colorchecker Passport and generic Adobe lens corrections.

Sometimes NIK software is used for particular effects, as is  DxO Viewpoint for perspective correction.

Other equipment and accessories include Custom SLR camera straps, CF tripods, CF monopod, Canon flash, a blower made for sensor cleaning and a grey card.  Now also have several dry bags with some silica drying bags inside to help protect our cameras in we conditions.  For carrying the cameras and accessories when travelling we have found F-stop bags and ICUs to be comfortable and flexible.

In preparation for our next adventure and because we were getting tired of the weight and bulk of the Canon gear, we have purchased a Panasonic Lumix GX8 with a 14-140mm and 100-400mm lenses.  It was not an easy decision but being able to work with Olympus bodies and lenses opens up more options.  Sony and Fujifilm options were either too expensive, too heavy or had lenses which were made for far bigger sensors and hence were big themselves.

The Lumix GX8 has been tricky to learn but we are now getting consistently good images.  Accidental button presses on the back can be an issue but soft-locking some of them has helped reduce this.  A widening of the locking options would be useful.

For RAW images colour correction profiles have made a big difference.  Also we are getting sharper images than the DSLRs – probably because the lens calibration to the 70D is at only two distances and the Lumix focuses on the sensor which removes DSLR issue of separation of sensor and focusing electronics.

Focusing time is usually as good as the DSLRs and the stability system works better than that on the DSLRs so the hand-held 100th of a sec exposures at 800mm equivalent focal length are sharp.

The Canon G15 has been replaced with an Olympus Tough RG-4 so we had a waterproof camera that we could easily use when kayaking, at waterfalls, in rain etc.

We recently took delivery of an Olympus E1 Mii and a couple more lenses.  This camera is extremely capable but very complicated.  The manual is huge and while it discusses the features, it gives little guidance on how to use then.  Initial use of the 15 fps mode was very successful, but getting a good focus for start of the 60 fps mode is going to require practice.  The later mode’s use if likely to be limited to pretty rare situations where the 14 pre-images before the shutter button is fully pressed will be useful – eg a geyser erupting of a glacier calving.


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